On Tuesday May 28th the project went before the Grass Valley Development Review Committee in order to obtain comments from the DRC members as well as the public on the overall design of the project.  The meeting was productive and the comments were well received by the Applicant and the Dorsey Marketplace Design Team.

However, City Architect, Robert Wallace misspoke during his comments stating he was “concerned that there were four drive thru restaurants on the site plan which seem like a lot for our community”.

This statement is not accurate as there are three potential pads for three drive thru uses for which the uses have yet to be determined.  While food is a potential use there are other uses being considered as well.

This information was mistakenly published in an article in The Union newspaper and on their website.

After contacting the Liz Keller from The Union the article will be pulled off the website and a new article will be published contained the accurate information about Dorsey Marketplace.

Copies of the site plans for both Alternative A & B are attached for reference along with the page from the Staff Report in which it clearly states there are three pads for drive thru uses.