A Mixed Use Community Center

Dorsey Marketplace is a 26.8 acre fully integrated mixed-use project which includes residential, commercial and community uses located in Grass Valley’s “Core Area” for infill, priority development.

As a mixed-use community center and gathering place, Dorsey Marketplace is offering two alternatives.

Alternative A proposes a 90 unit apartment complex and approximately 178,960 square feet of retail, service and community uses.

Alternative B proposes 171 unit apartment complex and approximately 104,350 square feet of retail, service and community uses.

The apartments at Dorsey Marketplace will feature one, two and three bedroom units and amenities including a pool, fitness center and dog park in a beautiful setting adjacent to needed retail services and employment opportunities.

Grass Valley - The Heart of the Gold Industry

Grass Valley – The Heart of the Gold Industry

Keep it local…

Dorsey Marketplace is designed with connectivity in mind… Connectivity to the local art community with opportunities for public art… Connectivity for pedestrians within the center along landscaped, shaded walkways… Connectivity to the adjacent apartment communities both existing and new… Connectivity to Grass Valley’s customers seeking new shopping and employment opportunities in their own community…  Connectivity with public events that invite residents within Grass Valley to mingle and spend time together.

Dorsey Marketplace will feature an integrated project design, connecting commercial and residential uses with thoughtful, cohesive site planning and architecture.

This project will offer the community…

• Construction job opportunities for local companies

• Estimated 400+ new jobs at full operation of the marketplace

• 100% of sales tax revenue to remain in Grass Valley; no county tax share required

• Reduction of “down the hill” trips and related traffic impacts to shop and work

• Helps locally capture the $200 million of sales tax leaking outside of Grass Valley each year

• Clean-up of mining legacy and reuse of a former blighted mining site

• Infill development that reduces sprawl

• Addition of much-needed quality apartment units, including large, 3-bedroom units

Dorsey Marketplace Aerial


• 26.8 Acres located in Grass Valley’s “Core Area” for infill, priority development

• Substantial retail and commercial services

• Much-needed quality apartment homes with one-, two- and three-bedroom units, pool and fitness center

• New community Dog Park

• Community art and local history displays